What we do

The Department of Experimental and Theoretical Electrical Engineering focuses on three main directions. The first is basic and applied research focused on numerical methods and applied mathematics.The second strand focuses on basic and applied research in metrology and measurement methods, and the third strand focuses on experimental and applied electrical and electronic engineering.

The department guarantees teaching across all bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs. The aim is to educate professionals in important electrical engineering fields by understanding the basic principles of electrical engineering, safety, measurement of electrical and non-electrical quantities with respect to special applications and electromagnetic field modeling.

Did you know that…

the history of the department reaches back to 1902?
in the referenced year, the Department of General and Special Electrical Engineering was founded by Prof. Sumec?
the current name of the department has been in use since 1947?

and history

The history of the DTEE dates back to 1902, when the original Department of General and Specialized Electrical Engineering was established at Czech Technical University in Brno under Professor Josef Sumec. The department was subsequently headed by Professor Milan Krondel until 1939. After the wartime closure of the universities, the activities of the institute were restored and further developed under the leadership of prof. Ales Bláha. In 1947, the Institute was renamed to its present name, the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Electrical Engineering. In 1951, there was a break in development due to the transformation of the university into the Military Technical Academy. From the torso of the Czech Technical College in Brno, the College of Civil Engineering was created, where the Faculty of Power Engineering was established in 1956. In 1958, the Department of Electrical Engineering was established at the new faculty. In 1965, the department was divided into two departments and the Department of Theoretical and Experimental Electrical Engineering was re-formed, which has been operating in the form of a university institute up to the present day and continues to develop.